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2. IshaqfOC2   (03.09.2012 23:59)

I would like to advertise our Client's online auto parts store on this site - what are the options and rates currently available?

With regards,

George Yunstake
Ad Manager for http://www.primechoiceautoparts.com/ - discount auto parts online store

1. Artashes   (14.04.2009 11:23)
Dear Administration,
I have noticed your site which is very nice. I just though, may you be interested to show actual vacancies on you web site?
Recruiter.am Job portal created easy and convenient tool for publishing vacancies in Armenia on your site. There is no special knowledge required to republish all vacancies on your page. To do so you just need paste some html code on your site and it would be automatically show up to date vacancies. If you are interested please contact us.
Phone: +374 91 505-110
Example can be viewed in http://www.myautoweek.com/CareerEmployementArmenia.aspx
In case you may need different view please let us know and we'll do our best to address.
Also we can offer education/trainings http://www.recruiter.am/Education/Education.aspx like vacancies.
looking forward for partnership
P.S We Will Add your Logo and Description in our Partners page


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